With the Skybolt Modeling / Talent Agent Software program, keeping in contact with your talent roster has never been easier.  Efortlessly email one, selected or all talents in your agency.  Skybolt will automatically and keep logs of their responses. Get a quicker response by sending talent text messages.

Quickly and easily create packages of talent portfolios and resumes to send to clients and casting directors.  The Skybolt Model and Talent Management Program will give you a one on one connection to your clients.

Show off your awesome talent roster with our simple to use website integration tool.  No other model and talent management program will give you as many tools. Select some or all your talent you would like to showcase on your website.  New photos in the talent profile will be automatically synchronized to your website.  You do not have to worry about updating it in two places ever again!

Billing has never been easier.  Talent in your Skybolt talent / model management program are automatically imported in your Skybolt Billing Program.  Effortlessly invoice clients. Process time carded payments and painlessly print checks for your talent. Being able to generate income reports and 1099 printing makes tax season a lot less daunting.

We work very closely with all our agents and custom configure your Skybolt Model / Talent management program to precisely fit your needs.  Special requests are always encouraged.

All in one place you can easily see your talent’s sizes, book out dates, resume, headshots, special skills and more.

The Skybolt Model / Talent management program will allow you to have as many agents as you need assigned to your agency.  Each agent has a separate login and has the ability to send emails that reply to their email address.

Have a lot of divisions in your agency?  That is not a problem.  With the ability to have separate divisions within an agency you can keep your agency database nice and organized.

That’s right.  Skybolt and all of its amazing features are free for the agent!  Call or email us today and we will get you setup.

A Day in the Life of an Agent Can Be Stressful...


New Emails


Cups of Coffee


Phone Calls Answered


Auditions Confirmed


Commercials Booked


Projects Submitted On

...Let Skybolt Make It Easier For You!