Casting Professionals

Send out casting requests to agents you have worked with or invite new agents to send you talent.  Select your favorites. Schedule castings or bookings.

Receive submissions directly from agents.  Have a casting or audition that needs talent? Send out your casting request to all or just your favorite agents and through the Skybolt Model / Talent management software program they will instantly build a package exactly to your request.  Make your selections and reply back with your favorites.

Skybolt presents a talents portfolio in large high quality and mobile friendly presentation.   Tired of seeing so many different resumes and formats? Skybolt talent resumes are uniformly organized and easy to read. Selecting the talent with the right experience is no problem!

With the Skybolt Model / Talent management program talent are not charged on a per photo basis.  This encourages talent to showcase their entire portfolio with fresh and up to date media.   Photos, audio files, videos, and video links are all there in a mobile friendly format.  No more guesses on how the talent look because there is only one photo.  All of them are right there in Skybolt!

Create your own database of talent or save favorites of talent that other agents have submitted to you.

Skybolt’s talent management and database program was designed for working with large talent groups.  The text/email communication tools that capture talent replies and sort by project or by talent and extensive advanced search tools make it easy to work with very large groups of talent.